This project is something very close to my heart because it brings together a lot of people from different parts of the music communities and celebrates the uncelebrated. I feel this was a dream that every musician that was a part of it helped to make come true. There is no question in my mind that nothing like it on it's scale has ever happened in the Northwest – twenty five musicians, world class specialized arrangements for the the vocalists done by world reknown arrangers, and the entire Oregon Symphony at the largest and most beautiful concert hall in Portland – and might I add, very well attended. This was much more than a show, and a segment of Portland history was made in this coming together that will never be forgotten. This show was and is a celebration of our music talent here in Portland, Oregon on a level that I feel it should be shown on. I challege you to celebrate and not marginalize the depth of the talent inside of you and right in front of you. Anything is possible if you just work together. God bless!

– Patrick Lamb

A NW Tribute to Ray Charles was born after the world lost a great treasure in music, the late Ray Charles. Saxophonist Patrick Lamb was inspired to produce a tribute to this musical genius after seeing a nationally televised show featuring many notable national musicians. He was inspired to feature the rich NW music community and the talent it has to offer. This has now become A NW Tribute to Ray Charles.

Saxophonist Patrick Lamb and trumpeter Thara Memory used as their model, 'O Genio – Live in Brazil,' a recently discovered film of a Ray Charles concert and rehearsal televised in Sao Paolo in 1963 when Ray, then 33 years old, was in his prime.

The show was originally produced for a one time only performance at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, and it became one of the highlights of the 2005 festival. Bob Ancheta from KINK fm102 comments, "The Ray Charles Tribute was the highlight of the 2005 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, showcasing Portland's finest talent on one stage." The Cascade Blues Association awarded the Ray Charles Tribute the 2005 Muddy Award for Best Performance of the Year.

Patrick Lamb was once again inspired by the energy which this performance has generated and decided take The Ray Charles Tribute into the studio to record a CD. In February of 2006 The Ray Charles Tribute recorded, "Let The Good Times Roll" A NW Tribute To Ray Charles.

"Patrick Lamb has brought together the very best of a rich and vibrant Portland music scene," says Don Campbell, music writer and Portland musician.

"This project has lit the light in people's eyes, shown us what we can do together and truly highlighted the depth of Portland talent," says Lamb. "Represented on the disc are the respected stalwarts, the upcoming new talent, the past, the present and some of the future.

The CD features vocalists Andy Stokes, Norman Sylvester, Duffy Bishop, Patrick Lamb, Kristina Michelle, 'Sweet Baby' James Benton, Linda Hornbuckle, Lee Garrett, Olivia Warfield, Gretchen Mitchell and Paul deLay; horns Dave Mills, Thara Memory, Stan Bock, Dan Brewster, Reggie Houston, Tim Bryson, Renato Caranto, Steve Cannon and Patrick Lamb; and rhythm Anthony Jones, Gene Houck, Eddie Martinez, Janice Scroggins, D.K. Stewart, Peter Dammann and George Mitchell.

"These musicians pay tribute not only to Brother Ray, but to this community – past, present and future," says Campbell. Live performances of "A NW Tribute to Ray Charles" have already headlined four Oregon Food Bank fund–raisers: the 2006 Safeway Waterfront blues Festival; the 2005 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival; BLUES for KATRINA, an all–day concert that raised funds through America's Second Harvest for Gulf Coast hurricane relief; and the 2005 Oregon Harvest Dinner, a fund–raiser for Oregon Food Bank. In addition the show kicked off the Portland Trail Blazer's 2005–2006 season, and a fundraiser for Thara Memory's music education program.

For booking or information contact
Amy Maxwell 503-335-0790

We would like to thank all our sponsors and everyone who made the Oregon Symphony Pops Shows a huge success!


$5 from every copy sold, after basic expenses are recouped, will go to the Oregon Food Bank.

The Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival — the largest blues festival west of the Mississippi and one of the largest festivals of any kind in the Pacific Northwest — is the major annual fund-raiser for Oregon Food Bank. All festival proceeds — a suggested daily donation of $8 and two cans of food — benefit Oregon Food Bank's work to eliminate hunger and its root causes. In 2005, the Festival raised $348,000 and 107,000 pounds of food. Oregon Food Bank is the hub of a network of 20 regional food banks and 894 hunger-relief agencies in Oregon and Clark County, Wash.

In 2005, Oregon Food Bank distributed 38.1 million pounds of food throughout the region. Each month roughly 194,000 people receive an emergency food box each month. Of those, 38 percent are children. In addition, soup kitchens and shelters served 4 million meals, and 128,000 people received food through other helping programs.